I've got some more sprites of everyone's favorite idiot!  I decided to make him a 4-button character, since I couldn't think of 6 normals.  The only think that would hurt from that, is that he will have only two helpers instead of three (Each helper would do two things).  But I don't think people would mind if Raman Livinstone doesn't have a Mugenfan Noahs helper

Raman's intro. Makes sense, right?


Raman's Light Punch


Next up: Sakura Imuz helper and jumping-crouching sprites.


Calling out a helper


Helper 1: Ness Looking-ass Dude (I forgot his name)


Ness Looking-ass Dude action 2. Kind of making fun of certain MUGEN characters having attacks/guards that look like they're showing the opponent something.


Ness Looking-ass dude running to and fro the battlefield.

Raman Portrait 1

Raman's portrait

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