RL walk

Finally a walk cycle

RL kick


Rl cpunch

Crouching punch

RL CHkick

Crouching hard kick

RL Hkick

Yes, pretty much all of his hard kicks will be butt attacks

JPL Hurt

I forgot, you always need to flick those bothersome helpers like Jo Placeluigi away.

SI Action 1

Sakura Imuz' Action 1: a jump kick. Sorry about the total redesign of Sakura Imuz, I just couldn't work with her current design.

SI Action 2

Sakura Imuz Action 2: rapid gunfire. It probably won't be annoying in game. (Probably by causing no hit stun)

SI Run

Sakura running to and fro the battlefield

SI Hit

Also, a hit sprite, since you don't want her bothering you.

Thanks for all the support everybody!  I'm back with an update.  In this blog, the fatty finally gets a walk cycle and more attacks.  Also, his female companion joins the fray sporting her new design.  Seriously, did you think I would use that awful classic design.
Raman Livingstone cKick 1

Crouching kick, a slide attack

Next up: Hit and guard sprites

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