Raman Palettes

From left to right, top to bottom: Normal, Red, Blue, Yellow, Strong Sad (NOT grayscale), It's PINK! (I'd prefer if you didn't call it the "gay" palette)

Just a tiny update.  Palettes and win quotes

Win quotes (so far):

YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 98989890089091 Year!

Go to bed and give up fighting!

Wat is dis?


Still If Im Fat i Still do Not Go At Mcdonalds Everyday Or take the food home THATS A LIEEEEE!

Against Iran Soto:

Hey you bitch get off you're ass or im gonna force you

Stop the brony nonsence and run bitch

I win you fucking sovna bitch

Gay Pony Lover what a Faggot you are

Against Crow:

I don't just the look of MOC

You are two funny and riping off deadpool >=(

Against Von Steir: (Which is higly unlikely, since they are of completely different strengths.)

This is The Most Awfull Characters 

Against Sonic the Hedgehog:

Dont you ever kill me again

I hates you so much

Against anyone in the Peppa Pig sandbag pack:

I Hate Pigs And You're show is For FUCKING BABYS!

Against SGDR991:

I Do Not Have my Belly Poping up i do my Pants Diferently and I Do Not Act Like Muscle Man

and Noth else to Say Abort You

Against Daniel:


Against George Goodlake or Vinnie Gill

Oh no, i beat my friend.

If you have any other ideas for win quotes, let me know.

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