Indie Mugen is  a crossover of the best indie-game characters of all time, in fact, that's it. im gonna update it someday, but i cant find good indie chars for mugen, if you find a wanted character that is not in Actual characters please send the download link to: with the subject: "Indie Mugen Char Link [Char name here] "

Indie Mugen
character selection screen (for now)




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This is a list of developers:

  • SixtyFour

Wanted Characters

  • Madotzuki (Yumme Nikki)</li>
      • Stanley (The Stanley Parable) (Probably a retexture of AVGN)
      • Jacket (hotline miami)
      • Kun Fu Man (Mugen)
      • Blue Guy (Sumotory Dreams)
      • Nigel's Hand (Surgeon Simulator) (probably a retexture of Master Hand)
      • Trosh ( Trosh:The Movie: The Game )
      • Someone From Outlast
      • Slenderman (Slenderman)
      • Ao Oni (Ao Oni)

    Actual Characters

      • Madotzuki (Yumme Nikki)

      • Stanley (The Stanley Parable) (Probably a retexture of AVGN)

      • Nigel's Hand (Surgeon Simulator) (a retexture of Master Hand)

      • Slenderman (Slenderman)

      • Ao Oni (Ao Oni)

      • The Kid (IWBTG)

      • Final (BlackHeart)


      • MountainSide Temple

      • Ib's Art Galery

      • Atic

      • Hospital

      • IWBTG's Stage

      • Castle

      • Tree

      • Forest


    Someday if i get all the wanted characters (or at least some) i will update the new version of Indie Mugen so, wait for it, and if you see a Wanted Character On the internet please send me a email (in the first part of this)

    If you are borred and speak spanish please read our comics, you will help us a lot, you can read them here, i promise you will have fun, at least for a moment


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