I may need help on some sprites for Reese (mostly Midnight Bliss, Electrocution and Passare). I'm kinda a "ToonAlexSora" level spriter but I still need some practice. This blog post will act as an update page meaning I will update this blog post as I make progress on Reese. I also need a Voice Actor for Reese. His voice is clear, and sassy kinda voice similar to Sonic The Hedgehog and Wild Woody (Reese is also 13 btw). I hope this will help anybody willing to voice act Reese. Thank you If you can help me out. If you want some info about the character so far there is some below.

He uses the MvC:Eoh template but I have made some changes to it (some have not been finished):

1. No Announcer (may add a new Announcer)

2. New Super Jump FX and SFX

3. New Hit Sounds (From Banjo-Kazooie)

4. Will be able to run instead of dashing

5. Air Dash

I'm also thinking about an extra move called "Down Cancel" which will send the player back down when you jump (could be useful after an air combo). These are just ideas and might not be in the final version.

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