But first a little backstory to this whole project:

I was on Youtube checking out some mashup videos, when in my recommendations list I noticed a Katamari mashup (a Space Jam one). It got me thinking of MUGEN as well for some reason, and I decided to search for a Katamari stage. Sadly, there were no Katamari stages, which disappointed me a bit. But while searching, I found that other MUGEN sites (one of them being MUGEN Guild for those who were curious) had started these Katamari collabs. Thats when I thought about doing one here, which ends this paragraph.


  • Obviously, no NSFW, Hentai and ect.
  • The sprite size limit is about 120 x 140,  the size of an average portrait. If the sprite chosen is bigger than the limit, I'll think about adding it in depeding on its size.
  • This one is important  so listen up:  The newest entry is the one you have to base off of. For an example, *USER1* has uploaded an entry and posted here. *USER2* most copy and paste *USER1*s entry and add his sprite in, and so forth.
  • Characters can overlap each other, but try to keep the face or important details visable.
  • If you have to, the sprite can go outside the circle in the template. But try and keep it from messing up the circle, we don't want it to look ugly now do we?
  • Please use the alternative way to upload, found here: More External Image Links!

Here is the template, so knock your socks off:


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