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  • PookaMustard

    Hello guys. I'm back to post here some non-MUGEN stuff, so be sure to check my blog every now and then for news about gaming.

    For those of you who want free-for-a-limited-time games, you may wish to own Metro 2033 for PC. Just simply like their Facebook page, and allow it to reveal the code. Profit!

    You may download their dedicated installer and use the code with it, or you can redeem the code via Steam (which I did). Tell your friends about this so they don't miss a chance for free games!

    Don't be late! This offer only exists until 16 Dec!

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  • PookaMustard

    Greetings, mortals, my customers, my Koopas, and admiral.

    I'm now announcing this great announcement, the announcement that will shine upon the hearts of many that awaited him, to see at the very least, some progress in his name, if not total 100% completion.

    Those who wish to see their beloved cat, Felix the Cat, will smile once they know I'm trying to import him to the engine, as my first attempt at making a full fledged character for M.U.G.E.N, that gets updated with suggestions.

    However, as usual it is, I'm facing difficulties in making the cat able to handle the goods and evils of a Mugen battle. Such as, the magician Felix's attack not working although I checked the p…

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  • PookaMustard

    My first MUGEN stage!

    October 28, 2012 by PookaMustard

    So I created a stage at last. I have put my skills to work, and made for myself my first stage... Since its my first stage, I only thought of the sky bonus levels in the original Super Mario Bros, but I think I have made a good job using the "levelno" and "delta" parameters. I'm going to make a page for it later and add it to my user profile, but for now, check it out by downloading it from my DropBox, listed down here:

    I hope you enjoy it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • PookaMustard

    Hello guys, its Pooka with ya. More on me later in my profile page. I began into this wonderful thing called MUGEN, this Wednesday. And boy I like it just like the Super Smash Bros series... And today, I downloaded a character template so I can jump into trying to make a character with simple sprites for now.

    Using two standing sprites for Link, I tried making the sprites. Changed into Indexed mode, made pink my transparency color, etc. No matter what I try, Link is invisible in-game, unless he touches the enemy, at this moment his standing animation appears, and disappears when he goes away from the enemy...

    What's the cause of this? I'm using Link's sprites just to get an idea on how to implement sprites and attacks, but I'm planning on ma…

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