OK. This isn't me having a rant about a character that should be banished to the Sun, but mine eyes nearly flung themselves through the back of my skull when I found out what has been going on.

Jenngra, I am looking at you here.

Why on Earth have you been giving admin status to anyone with more than 1000 edits, or because they have a high enough amount of badge points?! Admin status should be given to those who do good edits, not how many! Quality over quantity! I MEAN, WLANMAN FOR CHRIST SAKE! Why in God's name did you give him admin status? You do realise he could just block anyone he doesn't like for AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME! What if one of these people blocked me forever? Or you? OR ALL THE OTHER ADMINS?! This Wiki would be reduced to chaos!

Admin status now seems like nothing important. As Legopigeon said, "If everyone has admin status, then who will we rule over?", basically saying, "If everyone is an admin, what's the point in admins?".

I'm asking you (or any other bureaucrat) to strip the non-deservers of their admin status right now! Anyone that has received admin status recently because of high edit counts/badge points (not including Madbootdude and Dchan, because they put forward good edits) is classed an non-deserving.

No offence Jenngra, but you are only a bureaucrat because you edited this Wiki after years of inactivity.

Prepares to be blocked by one of these guys in 3...2...1...

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