Have you ever needed to emphasize your text, or perhaps to just be a weirdo who always posts in a specific colour? Then you'll love this!

Below is a list of the BBCode we can use on our chat. I can't wait to see people spamming in random colours Silly_Face.png

Sections coloured green have been implemented, but are not yet active.

Sections coloured orange are active and function as intended to some degree, but may display undesired behaviour under specific circumstances.

Sections coloured red are active, but do not function as intended. DO NOT use these codes or you will be kicked from the chat and potentially banned if you continue to do so.

Sections coloured blue do not currently work at all, but we hope to reinstate them when possible.

Style Code Example code Output
Bold [b][/b] [b]Bold text[/b] Bold text
Italic [i][/i] [i]Italic text[/i] Italic text
Underline [u][/u] [u]Underlined text[/u] Underlined text
Strikethrough [s][/s] [s]Did I say that out loud?[/s] Did I say that out loud?
Big [big][/big] [big]That's some big text![/big] That's some big text!
Small [small][/small] [small]Wazzat?! I can't see it[/small] Wazzat?! I can't see it
Subscript [sub][/sub] [sub]Lol, I'm identical to small text[/sub] Lol, I'm identical to small text
Superscript [sup][/sup] [sup]Lol, so am I[/sup] Lol, so am I
Background colour [bg="colour or hex"][/bg] [bg="yellow"]Lol, I'm hard to read[/bg] Lol, I'm hard to read
Text colour [c="colour or hex"][/c] [c="red"]Blue text[/c] Blue text
Code [code][/code] [code]trigger1 = !alive[/code] trigger1 = !alive
Align [align="text alignment"][/align] [align="right"]Left[/align] Left
Font [font="font-family"][/font] [font="papyrus"]SPAGHETTI[/font] SPAGHETTI
Greentext [green][/green] [green]Shrek is love, Shrek is life[/green] > Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Spoiler [spoiler][/spoiler] [spoiler]A nasty spoiler[/spoiler] Snape kills Dumbledore
Audio [snd="audio URL (minus http://)"] [snd=" mugen/images/9/9e/PTPAIRWORK.ogg"]
Image [img="image URL (minus http://)"] [img=""]

Video [vid="video URL (minus http://)"] [vid=""] Accurate preview not possible
YouTube [yt="video ID"] [yt="YNJ6lZpbFdA"]

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