Basically this.

Although we'd probably never even come close to winning, we can at least show our sprit for the occasion :)

I've got a few ideas in mind (more dark, death-related characters and stages...The Black Heart come to mind?) on what we can edit the mainpage and woodmark (logo) to look like.

Post your thoughts/ideas below.

Also, I made this just because:


Seeing as we're all for this (yey), any ideas on what we can do with the homepage? (We've actually gotta decide on this relatively quickly as the deadline is 8am EST on 31st October).

We didn't win...oh well. Unsurprisingly, the MLP: FIM Wiki is up there as an "honourable mention". It couldn't be because Wikia really like that Wiki so much that they use it as an example in many of their help topics. </sarcasm>

MUGEN just isn't popular enough, so we wouldn't have won anyway :|

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