The repair template {{Repair}} is for articles that aren't consistent with the article standard, not for articles that aren't complete. I've noticed the repair template on articles that just lack information, which is what {{Stub}} should be used for.

Say we had an article that had the wrong infobox and the movelist section didn't follow the correct layout. That should be marked as repair (or if the article is awful through-and-through, deletion).

An article that had the bulk standard stuff, but was missing a large chunk of information, would be a stub, not a nuked article.

Perhaps some people are just marking it as nuked to get people to edit it. Please don't do that. Use the correct template.

Finally, Super Jump on stage articles. Super Jump refers to whether or not the camera can move enough vertically to allow a character's Super Jump to be effective. If the camera does not move vertically, or only moves a small amount, then Super Jump would be "No" because the character who's using the Super Jump has gone out of sight, thus hindering the move's effectiveness.

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