You may have noticed that I've been deleting particular articles that have been created (and re-instated God-knows how many times). When I say "certain", I'm talking about W.I.P. articles - we don't need them, and as such, will be deleted if created.

"Why?" you may ask.

Because we get all this silly nonsence about "COMING SOON!!!!111!one" (or "COOMING SOON!" for some reason), and articles that are left for months because no-one is actually making the character and just though it'd be funny to create a false W.I.P. page (yes Felipe, looking at you). Because of this, I think the Wiki'll be better off with character articles just about characters that have been created.

Don't cry, you can still add a W.I.P. to an already-existant page about a released character :) (just don't write "COMIN' SOON HELLZ YEYEHZ!" under the download section of an infobox please).

On a side note, could we please refrain from copying large walls of text from other Wikis - reword it at least.

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