Chat pings have been disabled indefinitely due to errors regarding abnormal behaviour. !mods still remains and should function as intended.

Similar to emoticons, but with an audio cue... Yes, chat pings.

The list comes later, but first, !mods.

!mods is a ping used to alert all the chat moderators and admins currently in the chat with an audio cue. It should only be used for when a user or a bunch of users are being disruptive in the chat and none of the chat moderators/admins have responded; do NOT abuse this ping as it will result in being kicked from the chat or chat-banned if you continue to do so.

And now, the list:

Code Sound description Sound effect
!mods An Aircraft Plant being selected. Was originally something else before being changed to a quieter sound effect.
!falcon Captain Falcon after a successful Falcon Dive.
!whip A horrible sound cue from a horrible cartoon.
!adom The battle cry of a fat clopper.
!ping Someone getting hit by something really powerful, commonly a Home-Run Bat.
!yee The sound of an interrupting cocknugget who tramples on your efforts to sing a wonderful tune.

As with the !mods ping, if any user starts spamming the pings, they will be kicked from the chat; should they continue spamming the pings, they will be banned from the chat.

I was originally on the fence about this sort of thing. If enough users want rid of this feature, then I shall do so. !mods will stay regardless.

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