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    Chat Pings

    May 21, 2015 by PlasmoidThunder

    Similar to emoticons, but with an audio cue... Yes, chat pings.

    The list comes later, but first, !mods.

    !mods is a ping used to alert all the chat moderators and admins currently in the chat with an audio cue. It should only be used for when a user or a bunch of users are being disruptive in the chat and none of the chat moderators/admins have responded; do NOT abuse this ping as it will result in being kicked from the chat or chat-banned if you continue to do so.

    And now, the list:

    Code Sound description Sound effect
    !mods An Aircraft Plant being selected. Was originally something else before being changed to a quieter sound effect.

    !falcon Captain Falcon after a successful Falcon Dive.

    !whip A horrible sound cue from a horrible cartoon.

    !adom The battl…

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    At Long Last

    January 18, 2015 by PlasmoidThunder

    It is mine. 365 days worth of editing with no gaps. Now Toupou isn't the only one with this badge >:P

    Now that I have this badge, I don't need to contribute any more, so this is PlasmoidThunder signing out! Bye guys!!

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    I see some people are pitching in to help transfer over to the new layout -- thanks.

    This is not what this blog is about, however. I'm not naming names or pointing fingers, but most of the time I have to go around fixing up tiny mistakes that the converter should've done if they'd actually read my original blog post. For the sake of currentness, I shall go through the things you may have overlooked (in no particular order, I might add). Please pay attention to this blog. It's quite evident that people didn't properly read through my other blog, otherwise I wouldn't need to do this.

    Applies to: entire wiki

    I know, I know. In the past I've probably complained at you for capitalising "Power" when used as a property, or just in general for words l…

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    Quoting Vector the Crocodile aside, Plasmo-Bot has finished perparing the character articles, and I've added all the templates and categories that were present on the M.U.G.E.N Arcade. We are ready to go now. You may proceed to edit character articles again.

    Please do pitch in to help change over to the new layout. Poor Plasmo-Bot took a good 2+ hours to prepare every single character article, and he's a bot with a two-second delay timer. Imagine how long it would take just one person to edit all those articles AND create any additional articles!

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  • PlasmoidThunder

    Hyper Turbo Galaxy World 3D Edition, yada, yada, yada.

    So hey! Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Aw man, this character's attack animation is real complex, like. Fighter Factory ain't gonna cut it, yo.", or something similar? Or are you perhaps wondering how Movelist sections like N64Mario's Pulseman's have animations with afterimages on them? Then you've accidentally stumbled across the right blog post, skipper! Uncle Plas is going to show you how to rip animations directly from M.U.G.E.N itself!

    Do be aware that in most cases, this is more tedious than merely exporting them from Fighter Factory, but if you don't mind getting more accurate animations, then good for you! Also of note is that this isn't a mandatory method that you have to …

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