Well where do I start? It is my first year anniversary on this wiki, and I have changed a lot since. I got my own wiki, I understand how to create chars, learned some more in depth stuff 'bout MUGEN... I have evolved from a clueless tryhard to an understanding  helpful source. Thank you to everyone who helped me change drastically in a year. (PS im about to get 200 edits and also I want to create something). I've noticed how many stickmen chars in MUGEN are either cheap, underpowered, or horribly made. I will soon create a stickman from a popular stickman sereies RHG. Never heard of it? Look it up on my wiki . If you have I reccomend that you say in the comments which one I should make. Thank you for helping me through a year guys :D.

Stickmen to choose

  1. Fllffl
  2. Benjamin
  3. Mr. Red (not from RHG)
  4. Myself (clearly not from RHG)
  5. MicWizard*
  6. Andre* 
  • Articles are yet to be made I'll post as they get done.

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