• NodogonToontown

    Inspired by MetalGuy. Don't trade me any cheapies

    • Phoenix Wright (by LD)
    • Shedinja (Not TXPot's version, created by Weezing author Terui)
    • Red (from Pokemon)
    • Q-taro (by Mith)
    • Miffy (by Mith)
    • Franko by Most Mysterious, edited by zacheatscrackers (new sounds)

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  • NodogonToontown

    Uhh...hi guys.

    June 17, 2012 by NodogonToontown

    I'm new to this place, and I made the MvC2 Homero article.

    Don't expect the MvC2 Homero article to be good, though.

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