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  • NintenFox974

    I just cleaned up two pages that contained explicit material created by some weirdo. 

    These two pages were PoTs and RajaaBoy, and stuff was MAJORLY violating Terms of Service.


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  • NintenFox974

    Not responding.

    November 18, 2014 by NintenFox974

    So yeah. MUGEN isn't responding. It never takes this long to load. I' m thinking this might be either the "stderr" or "stdout" files, but if so, what do I delete?

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  • NintenFox974

    A website thing

    October 28, 2014 by NintenFox974


    It's under development, but I hope to begin hosting soon. yeah. That's all I had to say.

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  • NintenFox974

    So, is NesMario123's Bubsy offline or something?

    I've been searching and searching, but I don't see any download links.

    I'm thinking it might be offline, but the Bubsy page doesn't say anything about it's status.

    In the meantime I'll continue searching the Internet, but if anyone knows where a download link for NesMario123's Bubsy, then please please PLEASE tell me.


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  • NintenFox974

    EvE Questions...

    September 20, 2014 by NintenFox974

    Not to burden everybody with questions XD

    I need a new screenpack.

    So I keep checking the Motifs section over and over again, but still nothing.

    I wanted a screenpack with

    • a lot of character slots
    • a motif that can use a 1280 x 730 resolution as the default (I use 1.0 so that's what I'm used to)
    • a motif that IS NOT based off an existing fanbase

    So I came across the EvE screenpacks.

    The thing is, I want to download the character slot edit, but I've never installed a screenpack before.


    So could I have some help plz? (SORRY TO WASTE YOUR TIME)

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