Hello everyone, The names Mako White and I have MUGEN WIP's i'm doing.

Steve Burns (I like Zobbes version but he has a Weak Al so i'm editing him)

Sonic V2 (I'm editing Mugenfan's version of sonic giving him some of ABAB's Sonic sprites but he will be a Spriteswap of ClayMizer's Sonic V2 and use some new sprites to)

Blue V2 (She will be the same as Steve but not much wil be know about it)

MegaMan (My only real character that will not be a edit, He will use custom edit sprites)

Newbie (Editing Tanic's Newbie character, but first I have to ask him can I edit the sprites...only two of them)

Sayōnara persone (Goodbye in japanese and people in Italian)

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