Oh my it has been so long! How have you been?

I came here to finally release what i've been working on for some time... The long time lost The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match adaptation for M.U.G.E.N.!

This project has files from the Hispanoamerican,Portuguese, Chinese & Japanese communities, i was the one who compiled them into a single project and made it work properly, also fixed a lot of things, you have no idea how broken was this when i found it in a raw state from a chinese site!

Everything was fixed, from the intro to the stages sounds, which most of them had bad quality audio and deafening volume (around 700).

The major annoyances bugs are here:

  • You cannot continue even if the settings are set to true. This problem is caused by the screenpack that forces the game over screen to show off.
  • Most HSDM moves have random damage in most cases.
  • May Lee cannot jump forwards-backwards.
  • Some characters sounds are mixed, inaccurate, low or broken.
  • Rugal can cancel almost any move without a Max on, also the Kaiser Wave sprite might get stuck if attacked.
  • Computer's AI depends mostly on the character is played against, for example Daimon has a weak AI, while Mature has a pretty decent one.

There are some more bugs but those are the most common ones

That's pretty much it for the moment, you can download this project here.

Thanks for your patience and i'll be back soon ok?


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