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  • Naoki2534

    Oh my it has been so long! How have you been?

    I came here to finally release what i've been working on for some time... The long time lost The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match adaptation for M.U.G.E.N.!

    This project has files from the Hispanoamerican,Portuguese, Chinese & Japanese communities, i was the one who compiled them into a single project and made it work properly, also fixed a lot of things, you have no idea how broken was this when i found it in a raw state from a chinese site!

    Everything was fixed, from the intro to the stages sounds, which most of them had bad quality audio and deafening volume (around 700).

    The major annoyances bugs are here:

    • You cannot continue even if the settings are set to true. This problem is caused by t…

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  • Naoki2534

    My apologies...

    November 1, 2012 by Naoki2534

    I was stupid, the days of my lazyness became weeks, and the weeks months, 4 to be exact...

    It shall not happen again, for now i shall complete the stubby Eeveevolutions articles, later on i can decide how i can redeem myself here.

    I need your help though since i wasn't able to identify all the attacks so i left them with question marks.


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  • Naoki2534

    I'm still here, active, just stalking the wiki lol.

    Sorry about my abcence this week but this week have been extremely eventful! My internet broke 2 days & also the electric system went down too. Also had some medical appointments and exams.

    But i've haven't missed the recent events of course!

    I've seen that the bot gave another Admin and the one was Dchan250 and seen that users that barely have 10 edits are asking for them.

    I remember to have applied to be one but even with nearly 400 edits but it got denied anyway. I've seen that Livingstone was banned... Again.

    Yep i've also seen that MugoUrth & OneSS edition quality has improved a lot! I applaud them!

    I've been roaming around other wikias and i've learned some things like how to add pics wit…

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  • Naoki2534

    Well hello there!

    As you've seen i haven't been quite active in this wiki daily... Well I'll Tell you why:


    I've been editing in other wikis that actually have some potential, but are literally empty or abandoned like The Powerpuff Girls Wiki or Wiki Minecraft en Español. In the case of the Powerpuffs it was elegible for adoption since the founder and sadly, the only administrator (not a good one!) LDEJRuff is extremely unstable. So i posted an Adoption Request. However someone tell him about it and for some odd reason, it was the only message that he didn't ignore, just made 4 edits and dissapeared again. Of course after that, my request was denied.


    I've just started to learn the basics in M.U.G.E.N character creation, I'm on the…

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  • Naoki2534


    April 20, 2012 by Naoki2534

    I think we should merge certain articles to have more info in less pages... Something like 3D Homer in Homer Simpson, Sorcerer Mickey in Mickey Mouse & Orochi Zero in Clone Zero's page know what i mean?

    Naoki2534 04:11, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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