Yes, the mythical Addicted Badge. The Badge to get after Dedicated. The badge that takes a hundred days worth of posts in order to achieve. The badge no one currently has. Just that tempting, it's the way to prove you are truly determined to get what little achievements you can, as if your life revolves around getting every single badge. ...Chances are if you want it, you're doing a little a day, not to big of a deal if you never get it, but you still want it. This badge... It's a struggle of how badly you want it. But does anyone want it bad enough? I talk of this while currently on vacation, where my internet time is limited. And while I do what I can, it's likely that I will miss a day and have to start over. After ward, I probably won't make a second attempt. But then again, I can't say for sure if I care enough for the badge. Sure, bragging rights, but that's pretty much it. Chances are, someone will beat me to it. But life goes on.

Regardless, it is still a badge you have to work for. I mean, you have to edit an article or post on a blog every single day for 100 days. Ifanyone cares enough, who's close enough to the badge they can taste it?

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