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  • I was born on August 3
  • I am Male
  • Mugen Fighter

    I am dead :v

    May 12, 2015 by Mugen Fighter

    Hi, i am Ivan Luiz, I was a really bad creator that used to share my characters on this wiki. :v

    But the people here... they are very bad, worse then the league of legends community :s

    (no ofense to LoL fans)...

    Anyway, This time, i will quit mugen forever! :v

    And i am very happy about it! Because i was feeling very bad about all that hate...

    And now, i am going to concentrate on my drawnings and my facebook page about FNAF (11k likes) ;)

    Sorry for my bad english... (again), and good luck on hating new creators that dont know how to code... you guys should help them instead of hating them... :v

    I will not leave the link to my facebook page because i think this is against the rules... idk, but anyway, bye guys! v:

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  • Mugen Fighter

    Hello, its me Ivan Luiz (D3L4Y)

    I made a demo version of Foxy the pirate for Mugen, it is not done yet...

    but i am not making Freddy right now because i was editing a video home work...

    And i  made me for Mugen again :D


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  • Mugen Fighter

    Sorry for that...

    October 16, 2014 by Mugen Fighter

    Hello again :D

    I wanted to apologize for the last news I wrote ...

    I am not making Pumpy or the Yeallow Guy anymore... -_-

    I am recently working on an edit of Barney the purple dinosaur, with new sprites and fixed hitboxes.

    It is almost done. :3

    And i am working on a MUGEN project called


    A game based on my school, and the fact that Brazilians dont celebrate halloween... ;-;

    First Character - IVAN III (Me)

    (All the characters will have a halloween theme)


    1 - IVAN III

    2 - MATIAS

    3 - BRUNO

    4 - DIEGO

    5 - 

    6 -

    7 - 

    8 -

    9 -

    10 -

    And yes, i am working on Freddy Fazbear, I will post all Freddy Sprites that i made so far for download. :3

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  • Mugen Fighter

    Hello, and Sorry for my bad english -_- (This is like a catchphrase now. XD)

    Some people have asked me in the comments of the Freddy Fazbear post and in the comments from youtube, To not stop creating chars for MUGEN.

    I was surprised, I did not know there were people who wanted me creating chars for mugen, so I decided not to stop, I'll finish Freddy, and I will create 2 more chars.

    1. Pumpy - Original

    (This is not the Char, its just a example of how it will be)


    He is not very Creative...

    Bye guys, dont forget to Subscribe into my YouTube channel if you like :3



    Ok, now you can leave if you want.

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  • Mugen Fighter

    One Last Char

    September 18, 2014 by Mugen Fighter

    Hello again, and sorry for my Bad English. -_-

    I know most of you probably do not like me very much, for this reason, I will do a favor to you and never make any char or stage in MUGEN again. 

    But before that, I'll finish a char that I really wanted to see in mugen: 

    Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights at Freddy's) 

    I will make the Sprites on "Garrys Mod" 

    And I promise that the Char will not be so bad, but if you want to edit Freddy with a better code, fell free to edit! :)

    Standing Pose:

    I want to make a version of Freddy with jumpscares and one without Jumpscares , the version with Jumpscares will have a Golden Freddy Portrait , but I cant get the codes to put Jumpscares on Freddy... ;-;

    I will need HELP ;-;

    Video 1:

    Video 2 (Update):

    I made some Bonnie t…

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