Hello, MugenLover10 here with an update for my M.U.G.E.N. Character - Nick Cox (Sonic Variant).  As of now, he has 4 victory poses. The victory poses are:

  1. State 180 - Final Fantasy II Victory (SNES)
  2. State 181 - Surfin' Bird
  3. State 182 - Super Peel-Out
  4. State 183 - Sonic 3 Win

Update was done on State 610, as where he attacks with his head rather than his entire body.  He can also damage the enemies with his spin dash when he is charging up.

Nick Spin Dash

The HELP! attack has been pushed towards a super move (requires 6000 power).  When you release fwd from running, he will go to state 101 (Brakes for that matter).  He also has the shiny sparkle that usually happens when you encounter a shiny pokémon, but in this case, it affects palette number 3.  He also has a helper to aid him (fully functional).  He has also been given a new palette, the ghost palette.  With this palette active, no only is he invisible, but he cannot be damaged until his health runs empty.  Because of this, he will have a power boost for all attacks by 1.5.

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