MugenLover10 here. I'm in progress of modding a new character by the name of Zack Edwins (tweaked from Nick Cox fighter I made a long time ago)

I'll go over the basics on his appearance:

Due to him being at 1x scaling, making him only to be hit with stand kicks, crouch kicks, and crouch punches. So for him, I decided to scale him by 2x, making him about a tall fighter height!

All of his moves are the same, except have been given slight tweaks! For instance, he can only toss 3 bombs at a time, and they do a small amount of damage, toss 3 megavitamins (restores health to enemies, rather than draining it), and only 2 fireballs! He's still missing animations for when he's guarding in midair though, so I still have to figure out what to do for that! More details will be in a video that I need to make to show off his progression!

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