• MissingLuigi

    MUGEN Boss Edition

    February 26, 2016 by MissingLuigi

    So I'm currently making a version of MUGEN which is a boss rush kinda like the I wanna be the Guy The MUGEN based fan game. Bonus games are also allowed. If you know some good bosses feel free to post them in the comments :)

    Current Roster:

    Playable Chars:

    Justice by Bane84

    Yukari Yakumo by RicePigeon


    Apocalypse by N64Mario

    Evil Spirit Incarnate by Dark Ruler

    Kraid by Endoedgar

    Kraidgief by fhqwhgads7

    Metal Rear by Noctis

    Mike Tyson by fhqwhgads7

    Phantoon by Endoedgar

    Red Dragon by Doggiedoo

    Ridley by Endoedgar

    Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 by Bane84

    Synn by Doggiedoo

    Yellow Devil by O Ilusionista & Magma Dragoon MK-II

    Also I use IMT Red, so please no 1.1 only bosses.

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