ra character Edit By Minuz & the original created by Buckus and Alexlexus. Asura is the fictional fusion between Akuma and Rugal, having the body of Rugal but the face of Akuma.


Since Akuma and Rugal are merged together, Asura has the ability to peform specials and supers from each other. Most of the moves Asura gains come from Akuma side but some of his moves are a merge of both characters. Because of this Asura is a challenging opponent being able to take on experienced players and having an advance AI makes him even more challenging.



D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

DB = Down-left

DF = Down-right

X/Y/Z = Punch

A/B/C = Kick


From Uppit

From 2shared


MUGEN Asura Edit by Minuz-000:40

MUGEN Asura Edit by Minuz-0

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