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  • Midori Margatroid

    ...or this user has been wiping a lot of pages?

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  • Midori Margatroid

    Halloween Update.

    November 1, 2012 by Midori Margatroid

    Well! I hope you trick or treaters had fun today asking for candies and stuff! As for now! I've just done some modifications to something I haven't released after a long while! 

    It's up for grabs here:


    Have fun!

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  • Midori Margatroid

    Well, turns out I have been wanting to make my OC, Cherry (Drawing by DarkDonald1 to easen up the things) for MUGEN just to complement the fact that there's a Daniel one, so far, I know a couple of things:

    She would use her knife, She's an opposite of Daniel, and pretty much kinda serious.. On gameplay I'm sure of one thing, Pseudo-MvCish juggler.

    Only problem I have, since I have problems doing a bit of seriousness in a MUGEN char, I was asking whether you guys could give me a couple ideas for moves, intros, misc, etc. any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you guys :)

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