Its been a few months since I have last discussed anything related to Sandy. Now, I will release a Public Beta. Leave your comments here regarding glitches and feedback and I will surely add them into the next beta. Here is the download link. . I will keep an update log on this blog to in order to keep track of what has been done. I will only have three entries for updates. Once I have recorded three updates, I will then scrap them and put into a text file and just in case I'll post a download link to it. Then I will repeat same process until the final update which won't come in a while.   Status: 85% complete. 

Update 1: Replaced sff file with an older one to fix palette issue. Strikers now have hitsparks and have more time to move across the screen without disappearing. Striker damage increased. (Note: King Neptune does hit.) (Look closely.) Power limit for Karate Rush fixed. 

Second Update Minor tweak to kick animations. Slowed some down. Damage for strikers increased along with power usage. Damage will vary if Spongebob or Squidward is used. Reduced damage for Don't Make Fun of Texas and velocity. Other things and etc. Once more, leave any comments if you find any glitches. 

Third Update: To be announced. 

Note: The the latest update is on my fried USB stick. -_-. It'll be awhile before I can add it...


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