Sandy idle stance

Sandy (70% done.) (Release Date: TBA)

What's been done:

  • Required Sprites
  • Basic ground attacks
  • Most of the command file
  • Jumps
  • Animations for hypers and specials
  • Palettes (1-12)
  • Ground Specials.
  • Ground Hypers.
  • All basic aerial attacks.
  • Most glitches fixed.
  • Most commands for hypers and specials are working.
  • Most sounds are done.
  • Super Pauses.
  • Two Aerial Hypers
  • Guard damage
  • Slight improvement in A.I. used simpler A.I. commands.
  • Nearly on par with Kung Fu Man

What needs to be done:

  • Sound (Voicepack)
  • Crouch attacks and or hypers and specials
  • Hyper backgrounds. (Maybe or maybe not)
  • Crouching Sprites
  • Tougher yet managable A.I. (e.g. : like P.O.T.s)

Character Screenshot


Note: The character will take an unspecified amount of time. I'll be busy and occupied with various things since summer vacation is over.

Side Note: I will release a beta version once the character is at 70% or above. (Beta testers)

Side Note 2: Does anyone know of a good tutorial for coding for the cmd file, particularly for the A.I?

Side Note 3: I'm having trouble finding voice clips for Sandy, by any chance does anyone have any suggestions for good sound clips

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