i was planned to get more time.. but some Vandalisers,Annoying Users and Badass users had enough headaches of me... it's enough...... i will be don't came again at this wiki..... but i will be back again for more... not being a troll and annoying but i had enough chance with his....... aslo.. i've just awolled to do publish  creations but now i will be do not publish someone of my creations and edits on the wiki only can be on my Mediafire or youtube..

and becoming rude with me thats just kind of become angry at me... or trying to ban me.... now the chat is becoming an crap due of some people telling me i like like an underage guy..... :I 

now it's time to leave that but i will be came again in other ocation or in some important moment



handing chance...

i've did for the lulz.... a 30th chance to go again to still being normal.. not annoying and a bastard to do not be annoying... but this is really not being that but it's time to learn some shitty lessons..

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