i've just tested with some Cheapies but who maded the Dragon Method with Killer Zandro Maded by SpaceInvadersFan2004 then just take down an newer Version of Ice-Oro-Mizuchi

Not Really.. but some of his characters are giving some Malware Ones lagging some of my Computer but are so good testing to some Cheapies...

I Want a Question....

How is that Dragon Method then just causes the End of An Device on a Computer of your friend or your Computer looking that Cheapos some are gud but some giving some Malware Ones such as DEX Donald (Dark Excellent Donald)

really that some Dragon Cheapos destroy an System32 of an computer.. Causing some Damage and a Dangerous Virus. not really can be an Dangerous Cheapie with a Dragon Method... not not Really are that.. i've just testing to look the Cheapness on a Cheap Character and a Uber Cheapness of An Cheapie such as Qualia,Marshall,Ice-Oro-Mizuchi,Crazy Catastrophe and many others in that Type. but It's Advised then his that Infamous or Famous Dragon Method is dangerous to Younger,Newer and Expert Creators..

Their OMED Method mading by Legend Of Sebas such as TMWTGG (The Man With The Golden Gun) then was giving some MalWare Ones.. but keeping that Method Causing that Dangerous moments on a Computer... if you say that about His Dragon Or Other Method Ask.. 

-The Master Of Invasion MetalGuy213

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