this may sound off-topic and few tragic for the mugenites but i am really frustated and depressed what it really goes on my life, i've stopped been working for a moment at my Stickman UltraViolet along of giving the stickman matches aganist various characters.

i've went a Disscusion involving my friends outside from the Mugen Community lurking and happening this whole drama that shouldn't have to be done just like in this state, i am feeling that my depression and anger increases when i am about to end this adready but it makes the matter that why would my friends starts a drama ending it separated and even my friend has passed away by commiting suicide of these discussions, i'm just tired and i am about to cry and to walk away about everything and to stop up the "UltraViolet" Character and about to give it to someone to complete it since i've learned to put my coding and using the coding from my other "Botched Coded" characters.

i just want to get up and to giving all my cheering to just end it and to take up a time away by doing gaming and taking a break of what shouldn't have to be done....


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