Totally an Blog Post made by me about of the group maded by me. an DevianART one to join some comunity users of the world.


It's so Advisable to respect the users of there i'm the Admin and just if u don't respect members and admins you will be kicked...


  • MetalGuy213 (Me) - Founder and Admin
  • Soon to come some...


  • Child Molesters prohibited in the Group
  • Younger People prohibited too
  • Get Respect and don't insult people will be result an ban
  • No 18+ Pictures and no NSFW characters in the Group will be result 4 Hour Ban or More!
  • No Spam will be result 1 day ban
  • Don't be annoying doing lot of Requests
  • No Death treaths will result 2 day Ban
  • No Trolls will result 5 Hour Ban or 1 Day Ban
  • Don't add Cheapies in the group!!! are prohibited cause of the Malware Ones and causing some havoc Blowing the Computer!

Doing some and beatiful Questions and Some Comunity can join that..... i will be try a way to taking a requests activated to join in the group with some collab...

if you're Chatmod or Admin in here or the spanish one or other Language One i will be make you an Co-Founder as a Co-Admin

-The Master Of Invasion MetalGuy213

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