Omega Zandro



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Edit of Yoshi and Omega Tiger Woods

 Omega Zandro is the fusioned Character of The Vore Edits Zandro and Fusioned with the Cheap Character Omega Tiger Woods 

MetalGuy213's Version

Omega Zandro Is was stealing attacks from Yoshi without the vore animations and stealing some attacks from Omega Tiger Woods but whas some changes.. He's W.I.P and he was getting the attack:Tiger Woods Centipide from Dooby Dummy but was with no Command of the Centipide.. The Creator is inspired of the Omega Characters. he can grab too to play Telekomunikaja Huje but too is with No Command.



Unchanged from the Original Version

Specials and Hypers:

Tiger Woods Centipide:Unknown Command (5000 Powerbar)

Black And White Shrimp Bus (Could be The Colored or Pixeled David Hanseloff) (4000 Powerbar):Foward,Foward,A,X

Shrimp Bus Black & White

Omega Zandro Shrimp Bus

David Hanseloff

Victory Quotes

He Totally was 3 Victory quotes in English and 1 In Spanish.

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