I Think... i'm mading an Own OTW with more coding,sprites and everything.. just i'm not good at how to make Very Cheap at his Golden Pallete (REAL12P).

his own OTW of me gives totally:

  • JumpScares (Like Dark Donald)
  • More Attacks
  • Gutsman's Ass and David Hanseloff are removed using 2 shrimp bus more in 2 diff colors
  • More Coding
  • an Smaller Version of himself like Rare Akuma in his 12P
  • Faster Regenation like the Black Kyurem's Dark Characters

Totally thats all.... but i will release an other Beta Version of OTW 2014-15

Totally is now Becoming Some Fixes of OTW '14,their are now adding Fooby The Watermelon Kamekaze as a New Special of OTW,is ripped from Zeeky H Bomb. 

Their Regenation are in glitch totally modes then works in all palletes but their Triggers must be work on their Regenation and Power Regenation...

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