The Start Of Mugen Tournament 2015 by MetalGuy213


  • Characters of Class Cheap Or Cheapie Are Fobbien!
  • The Winner Gives This Character Pack = Politank Z,Fangore,Bobby,Krauser And Doodlebob (Infanty's Version) 
  • Cheats are Fobbien!. If you cheat,you will be desqualified of the game.
  • There's 2v2 Tournament. we recomended seending chars of only M.U.G.E.N 1.0
  • there's can you fight on own character or an Normal Character
  •  We can fight against eachother 
  • This Tournament is on your Hands!

​Scale Of Tournament 2015

only starts in the start of New Year this is the tournament of this scale i will be assist it playing as Politank Z And Doodlebob max is 8 Rounds for each 2V2

  1. Round 1:8-Bit(Geshtro)&Wobbuffet(Gudine) (Winners) vs Shaq&Mr.Funny (GarfieldMasterX) (Defeated)
  2. Round 2:Violent Ken (Jer155)&Ridley (Wikia Contributor) Vs Pikachu&Pichu(Windindi)
  3. Round 3:Politank Z&Doodlebob (MetalGuy213) vs Duck Hunt Dog&Finn The Human (Other Wikia Contributor)
  4. Round 4:Mr.Game And Watch&Luigi Segami (LenMaster88) vs Cyclops&Hulk (NodogonToonTown)
  5. Round 5:Super Mario&Edd (Other Wikia Contributor) vs Solid Snake&Sonic V2 (Other Wikia Contributor)
  6. Round 6:Pac-Man (Another Wikia Contributor)& No One... Vs None..
  7. Round 7:???&??? Vs ???&???
  8. Round 8:???&??? vs ???&???

Tournament 2015 - Farewell..

I Want to leave M.U.G.E.N For Those Reasons =

  • Cause of lag of my Internet
  • my W.I.Ps Are Cancelled for this.
  • The Tournament is Cancelled.... Sorry.. do not rage me,my computer is so slowly for some Slots for some Screenpack

Tournament 2015 - The Portait and can will be revived?

i want founded an 600 More Character Slots to revive the tournament.  The Intro of the tournament is J Soul Brothers - On Your Mark

Characters who aparring in the portait of Metal Mugen Tournament 2015:

Mugen Tournament 2015EDIT

Theres the portait of Metal Mugen 2015 Tournament.. aslo i'm not good artist for making portaits..

  • Octo
  • Kung Fu Fiunn
  • Cartoon Guy
  • TheIranSonic's Old Jellypus
  • Eggbomber101's Gum
  • Mike's New Yoshi
  • N.Boss
  • Evil Donald
  • Dink Smallwood
  • Omega Tiger Woods

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