this is an blog then was diferent on Silly Survival but is an Cheaper Survival Leadboards but only Cheap characters can be in. CHEAPIES NOT AWOLLED.

Single Survival

Survivor Rounds Won Character
EnderCreeper9999 1100 Zeeky H. Bomb/NeoKamek's version
Michael8888 (A.K.A Tails EXE) 600 Red Robin
MetalGuy213 129 Bio Kung Fu Man
Tryuipe 12 ¿¿¿Unknown Character???
SpaceInvadersFan2004/MarvinTheSpaceMartian 11 Dancing Banana

Handicap Survival

Survivor Rounds Won Character
MarioTimes6 46 Chuck Norris (Hittable)

Double Survival

Survivor Rounds Won Characters
MetalGuy213 31 Chuck Norris (Hittable)  & God Orochi

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