FANDOM theres an link of his FNAF animatronic Looks so Broken.. their Missing some HitBoxes in invisible modes at All.. you cannot Grab Him thats so an Annoying A.I then doges all.. even Lot Of Normal Characters and some Cheap Characters cannot Beat Him... I Checked their hitboxes how is it.

Bandicam 2015-03-03 20-35-26-479

Broli Tries to beat Bonnie.. (Check Their HitBoxes of Bonnie)

.. Now Thats so you look that.... He's Pretty dodger like with a Defensive AI... his Bunny Never cannot be KOed by Normals and Cheaps.. pretty is so annoying to you beat him.. but some Very Cheap characters and Extremedy Cheap Characters can take down... I Check again with my Own Omega Tiger Woods...
Bandicam 2015-03-03 20-37-51-065

OTW 2014 tries to Grab Bonnie to an Telekomunikaja Huje

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