aka Matias Fernando.

  • I live in Santiago De Chile
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Student,Deveplover in maps for ZDaemon and Zandronum and Grabbing some Gaming Videos.
  • I am Male/Masculino
  • MetalGuy213

    Farewell M.U.G.E.Nites

    October 1, 2017 by MetalGuy213

    i am sorry to say this but due of recurrent difficulties of the life and personal problems... also from having alternative projects in my life due of school.... But Just... Just....


    I Just Quit M.U.G.E.N for those reasons, i just experienced the entire fighting game for 9 years since 2008 as i was having all the Metallic experience to be just a M.U.G.E.Nite for aleast... as from my early creations were trash except for the edits that i have done for the community, having collaborations and much things that i've been waiting for... Also creating stages are my best wish for using stage tool.

    As i say, now i have been placed to known all the guys and such for helping me, who did all the requests for, just as of now i cancel UltraViolet …

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  • MetalGuy213

    Totally Speechless

    February 18, 2017 by MetalGuy213

    this may sound off-topic and few tragic for the mugenites but i am really frustated and depressed what it really goes on my life, i've stopped been working for a moment at my Stickman UltraViolet along of giving the stickman matches aganist various characters.

    i've went a Disscusion involving my friends outside from the Mugen Community lurking and happening this whole drama that shouldn't have to be done just like in this state, i am feeling that my depression and anger increases when i am about to end this adready but it makes the matter that why would my friends starts a drama ending it separated and even my friend has passed away by commiting suicide of these discussions, i'm just tired and i am about to cry and to walk away about everyt…

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  • MetalGuy213

    How it's going Mugenites.

    February 14, 2017 by MetalGuy213

    It's been nearly 2 years by not playing M.U.G.E.N since i've quitted it in 2016 due of lack of interest, i've comed back in this year to get my brains in it again in the Database and in MFFA (Mugen Free For All).

    How it's going fellas? MetalGuy/ZandroGuy is here now.

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  • MetalGuy213

    supposed to be normal chat... but Narayan appared to start a Darude - Sandstorm.. he got banned for 1 month for shitposting,being annoying and calling stalker everyone.. but now i got banned for 1 week... i ain't insulting! i only did a death threat at him for being annoying... Damn you Narayan!

    My Ban Can be Expired on the Other Sunday....

    just... i've did a video after of the ban...

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  • MetalGuy213

    Hello Mugenites.... Metalguy213 comes to trade his chars that i got hosted to put there in M.U.G.E.N Database.. balancing everything and becoming good user at this. can also i trade my hosted chars with ur chars that got.. 


    • Shin Aino
    • Gundog
    • F.O.E
    • Zagi/Robo-Jagi
    • Faydal
    • Cyberbot (Incomplete Version)
    • S-Jagi
    • JNXC
    • Young Joseph
    • Old Joseph

    More Comming soon..

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