IDK why I want to make another blog entry, but I want to, so I will do so. I will say some stuff doe.

- GM's site is back up

- My Kirby website is here for those that wanna see it (it IS incomplete doe)

- I cleaned off many characters from my site to make room on MEGA, so I chose characters already up.

- I should consider working on the MUGEN Lab, as this place is becoming too complicated for me and I can only do so much (I pretty much gave up on the new ripping method and I don't wanna create any more workload). Either way, I'm not quite quitting, as I'll be around, but less active.

- Alter Amiba is funny

- SSJ4 Radish is back

- I got into palette making, catch me on MFFA or MFG to look out for them


I guess that's all for now...

Stayfresh 800px

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