As I FINALLY crack open a bag of chips to celebrate 200 days straight on the wiki, I have something to tell you people.

Next Monday, I will be leaving for about two weeks to go to Nova Scotia for a family friend's wedding. I will be bringing my laptop aboard, but I may not be able to edit every day, as there is some traveling to be done. In short, I may not achieve the Wiki Hero award.

tl;dr: I am the hero the wiki needs, but doesn't deserve, and he will be gone for 2 weeks.

In the meantime:



EDIT: GM's website also went down. You can do the MUGEN community a favor by re-uploading some of his characters. (There are some on the Archive, but that place's downloads are pretty sucky) That being said, his Gill, Ryu, Ken, and Terry are re-hosted on my site.

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