• I live in Mars
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is being a villain.
  • I am a MARTIAN! :P
  • MarvintheSpaceMartian

    I am working on yet another character, because I just felt like it, Tom joins the roster, despite two being made, but they are not-so good.

    I'll try to finish up ASAP, I may as well add a baseball bat move like Warioman's version, the idle took like a minute to complete, so stay tuned for the updates. Oh, here is the idle, hope you like it.

    Sorry if Tom's butt looks too big and if it looks a little stiff, I tired my best. ;)

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  • MarvintheSpaceMartian

    It's been a while since I've posted a showcase here, anyways, lets get down to it.

    Anyways, this is TERROTE, you may be thinking: oh no its another cheap edit oh no its turret again. No. It's majorly a mockery/parody of Turret with him having a Bitlips voice. Anyways, lets see what we have.

    |Image = File:TERROTE_port.png |Creator = Spaceinvadersfan2004/MLGPoliwhirl |Downloadlink = Soon to come |Resolution = Low}}

    • Life: 1000
    • Power: 3000
    • Attack: 100
    • Defence: 100

    ||}} ||}} or ||}}

    +||}} +||}}

    +|Uses 1000 power|}} +|Uses 1000 power|}}

    +|Uses 3000 power |}}

    That's all I have for now.

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  • MarvintheSpaceMartian

    Well, I just have some news to tell you guys:

    I've literately had it. This site isn't for me anymore. I rarely edit articles and every time SupremeShark edits stuff, nothing helps (Stupid I know). I'm just going to leave, but I'll still chat with my friends. I never even really did any editing here either, just am using the chat for now on.

    But hey! I have a YouTube account where you can hear from me and watch videos. (Yes I uploaded shitty user and reaction videos back then...)

    That is all...


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  • MarvintheSpaceMartian

    I am being seriously worried about this guy's life, I hope he's healthy, joyful and happy with people using and playing with his creations. He doesn't deserve bad things. ;( I will miss him if he retires...

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  • MarvintheSpaceMartian

    Hello again.

    I know most of you probably do not like me very much, for this reason, I will do a favor for you and never make any char for M.U.G.E.N ever again... But before that, I will finish up a character that I really wanted in MUGEN,

    The Chosen One (Animator vs. Animation II & III)

    I will make the sprites on MS Paint. They will be low-res.

    I promise the character will not be so bad.




    Walking Back:

    (Sorry if you can't see the sprites very well. They're small and you almost can't see them.)

    I will be making a few versions of TCN with no overpowered attacks, the other version will be TCN, but he'll be in red.


    Fire Breath

    Laser Eye

    Summon The Dark Lord

    Bow & Arrow

    More specials soon...


    Big Fire B…

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