Well. Here are my top 10 worst and best MUGEN characters. Feel free to say yours in the comments. Anyways. I will start with worst and then go to best. 


10. Jenny by Mugenfan6. She is just a cheap spriteswap of Kitty Katswell by MOC1105.

9. Bowser by Shazzo, Spriteswap of Axl

8. Penny by Knowe386. Not anywhere near loyal to the show. (She has guns and knives) spammy A.I. Also a spriteswap of Tanicfan22's High Five Ghost

7. Every character by Idiot. Spriteswaps.

6. Peter Griffin by Actarus. Spriteswap of his own Axl

5. Everything by JGearyandJSlikk3

4. Zidane by an unknown creator Spriteswap of KFM

3. Big Glitchy Retarded Tiger Woods. Spriteswap of Chansey.

2. Kung Fu Mario. another KFM Spriteswap.

1. Fluttershy by PinkiePie11 (Why would she do this) Spriteswap of OTW.


10. Jenny by CyberAkumaTV. Great attacks. Good A.I. Best version Available

9. Spongebob by FelixMario2011. Very well made. Nice attacks and combos. Challenging A.I.

8. Lord Blaziken by DarkLuigi. An edit of a really good version of Blaziken. Better A.I. and very powerful 12p

7. Super Mario by Shin Ryogah and Neo Ankh. Best version of Mario availble. Awesome A.I. nice sound attacks and awesome combos. 

6. Rainbow Dash by RockRage8962 and IDGCaptainRussia. Best version of Rainbow Dash availble. Sprites are from an MLP online game. Challenging A.I. Great hypers.

5. Dee Bee Kaw by The_None. Dee Bee Kaw (Along with The_None's other characters) is very well made and has lots of nice attacks. Very powerful A.I.

4. Rare Akuma by P.O.T.S. Incredibly cheap but hilarious in the procces.

3. Ronald McDonald by Donalddesu. Nice sprites and increadibly tough A.I. Also has a cool 12p

2. Manny by Apelao. My favorite cheap character of all time. He is very hard to beat and has many OHKO moves. But he always puts a smile on my face.

And number 1.

Kung Fu Fiunn by Most_Mysterious. My favorite character of all time. Awesome attacks and boss type A.I. 

Like Manny he always puts a smile on my face.

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