HP 6000

Po 9000

At 5000

De 4000

Controls, Attacks and More

Mains ^ = Jump

> = Go Left

< = Go Right

SPACE = Crounch/Down

L = Down Left

R = Down Right

SPACE + > = Jump Thurther 

SPACE + < = Jump Back

o = Punch

p = Kick

Special Mains

SPACE +p + </> = Slide Kick


</> o= Top Hat Throw (Freddy throws his Top Hat at his foe) Projectile

i = Scream (Scream into an enemies face) Invisable/Knockdown

</> + p = Inhale (Umm, with this move Freddy inhales someone and then spits them out?) Invisable 

u = Gaurd (Block a attack) Invisable


Its time to Inhale (Freddy says 'Its time to inhale' and then he inhales and then when his foe is in his mouth he bites them repetitively  

Taunts   1 = (Freddy Says Inhale) 

2 = (Freddy Says No)

Victory Taunts

1. Freddy walks to the defeated foe and says 'Yes i did it' and then he craps on them and says 'eat my crap'

2. Freddy turns to look at you and puts up a peace sign in his two hands

3. Freddy points to the ground and says 'Git Gud'


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