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    Vote for a stage or character to be in Gaming Smack Down Gaming Smack Down! Also check out the offical page for the game!

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  • MarioVsSonicFan

    Mushroom Kingdoom (Super Mario Bros)Fight in the Mushroom Kinddom with Goombas, ? Blocks and Peaches Castle in the background!

    Solaris (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    Fight on a Meteor and in the background your in space where you see Super Sonic fighting Solaris!

    Block Town (Pac-Man)

    Fight at the Pac-Man stage that appears in Super Smash Bros for Wii U!

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  • MarioVsSonicFan

    HP 6000

    Po 9000

    At 5000

    De 4000

    Mains ^ = Jump

    > = Go Left

    < = Go Right

    SPACE = Crounch/Down

    L = Down Left

    R = Down Right

    SPACE + > = Jump Thurther 

    SPACE + < = Jump Back

    o = Punch

    p = Kick

    SPACE +p + = Slide Kick

    o= Top Hat Throw (Freddy throws his Top Hat at his foe) Projectile

    i = Scream (Scream into an enemies face) Invisable/Knockdown

    + p = Inhale (Umm, with this move Freddy inhales someone and then spits them out?) Invisable 

    u = Gaurd (Block a attack) Invisable

    Its time to Inhale (Freddy says 'Its time to inhale' and then he inhales and then when his foe is in his mouth he bites them repetitively  

    Taunts   1 = (Freddy Says Inhale) 

    2 = (Freddy Says No)

    1. Freddy walks to the defeated foe and says 'Yes i did it' and then he craps on them and says 'eat my …

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