These last days, I've been improving the listing templates on this wiki, also creating new ones which didn't existed. While doing this I noticed many things:

1 - There isn't a naming convention here. Some character pages are named only by the main name, while others have the full character name (for example, the pages for Ken and Morrigan Aensland), which is a mess. All pages should be named by the characters full name (in the example I gave, Ken's page would be renamed to Ken Masters, while Morrigan's would be left as it is);

2 - Whenever I want to rename a page, it automatically leaves a redirect behind, whithout giving us the option to not leave a redirect;

3 - There are absolutely no disambiguation pages here for some reason, probably because of point 2 above. If there are more than one character with the same name, the repeated name must be a disambiguation page (in the example of point 1, the page named Ken would become a disambiguation page, with links to all pages with Ken on it's name).

Since I'm already working on the templates, it would be easy for me to rename what have to be and create the disambiguation pages, but I want opinions on this matter first. Also, I'll obviously need help on putting the templates on the pages.

And in case you guys are curious, here are the templates I've done/improved:

Template:Arcana Heart

Template:Art of Fighting



Template:Fatal Fury


Template:Guilty Gear

Template:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Template:Killer Instinct

Template:Mega Man

Template:Metal Slug

Template:Samurai Shodown

Template:Street Fighter

Template:The King of Fighters

Template:The Last Blade

Welcome to your doom! 21:38, March 22, 2013 (UTC)