I took a look at Super Brawl 3 earlier, and this is what I'm thinking:

  • Replace Dudley with Korra in the first release. Whoever I decide not to put in first release appears in a later update. Korra would fit the "heroes vs. overly vengeful aliens" bill better.
  • Some Nick chars have their girl Fans as Midnight Blisses (Bobbi's a must).
  • Confirmed to appear later: Jenny, DoodleBob, Flame Princess, Bugs Bunny.
  • All-important third-party characters (one of which is Markerman).
  • Make PB a full-fledged Jedah expy. The whole beaker concept didn't really work.
  • Daggett Beaver and Robot Jones might possibly show up. They need more respect.
  • UPDATE: Oh, and Aang is officially dead. No Aang.

Problems I have with Super Brawl itself: 

  • As a series, it caters to button-mashers.
  • Some characters don't really belong. I mean, Abrasive SB, Junjie, Dr. Blowhole, the Monkey Quest monkey? I know a lot of people play that, but come on. Jenny and Stimpy were in Dance Off, Clash On, why not them?
  • The Fans. They're essentially PSASBR minions with the functionality of SSBB assist trophies. Plus they supplant the supers those chars could've had. (The "F" stamp belongs only to Denzel Q. Crocker.)

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