All of you should know who KEKUWEKKA is. He's been saying that Hamster (PlasmoidThunder) has 'stolen' Rotom. I say there's no proof. His was started in 2011, and released in late 2011. KEKUWEKKA has also bragged about his new character, Omegarotom being the best character ever. The best characters ever are not supposed to be cheap! Well..except for The_None and M Mysterious's creations who actually have some effort. And even if it was stolen, he made it look like on of the best Gen. 4 Pokemon characters in M.U.G.E.N! But the real question here you believe Rotom (Plasmoid) is 'stolen'? Another question is do you think KEKUWEKKA has something against Plasmoid? One more question. What does a mayo and peanut butter sandwhich taste like? Please answer.

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