This blog will be a sort of update from this one which is only from the perspective of someone only aware of the Fighter Factory(FF) method of extracting animations.

Thanks to this blog, we have a tutorial available for a method that can accomplish at some of the things the old method cannot.

I will be updating this blog soon to address details and outline some approaches and situations where one method may be more appropriate.

Of course, the latter method is technically capable of everything the "old" method was. However, this "new" method is much more involved and requires multiple software downloads & installations.

The old method is much simpler and in some cases wholly sufficient to accomplish a given task. A task such as exporting a palette set of .png images seems more appropriate being done through FF. Yet, the fact is that some animations and still images simply cannot be properly done this way for a multitude of reasons (coding, size, compatibility etc..).

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