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  • MDF infin

    This blog will be a sort of update from this one which is only from the perspective of someone only aware of the Fighter Factory(FF) method of extracting animations.

    Thanks to this blog, we have a tutorial available for a method that can accomplish at some of the things the old method cannot.

    I will be updating this blog soon to address details and outline some approaches and situations where one method may be more appropriate.

    Of course, the latter method is technically capable of everything the "old" method was. However, this "new" method is much more involved and requires multiple software downloads & installations.

    The old method is much simpler and in some cases wholly sufficient to accomplish a given task. A task such as exporting a pale…

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  • MDF infin

    My main purpose for creating this blog is to open dialogue between us here at the wiki and the rest of the mugen community, not just Spewgen and MFG. My hope is that we can come to an agreement that results in greater support from that said community, and improved productivity overall.

    I fully recognize and acknowledge that I could be wrong about anything that I state here. It is certainly a fact that there are many individuals who understand fighting video game mechanics far greater than I do. By the same token, there are users here that understand wiki code better than I. However, the purpose of this blog is not to show how right I am, and how wrong everyone else is. This is merely my perspective on many of the issues that we are currentl…

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  • MDF infin

    I am still relatively new to mugen wikia, but I have learned quite a bit in that short time. When attempting to export a character animation from fighter factory, it is inevitable that one will encounter problems. I will list the problems that I have encountered so far.

    The #1 tip I can give for dealing with these and similar problems is to not give up too soon and experiment a little. Something I learned dealing with winmugen and now Mugen 1.0 "today" is that you will have to do some troubleshooting if you want things to work correctly. Even as a non-creator fan/player like me, you can't just download and play. You need to know some basics. Keep in mind, not every problem requires a genuis to solve, so don't be intimidated.

    1. Apocalypse: Long…

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